Colin Browning

IDG's Social Media Marketing Success Story

How IDG leveraged industry contacts and brand following to create awareness and engagement. Read More

Ellen Payne

Know Your Rights: A Conversation With Hearst's Ellen Payne

Publishers today are handling more content than ever, signal switching between a host of platforms, channels and distribution networks. Often overlooked amid all the words, Read More


The Onion, Modern Salon, IDG, MVP Media and OneName Global Take Home mediaShepherd’s Inaugural Social Media Awards

mediaShepherd LLC announces the winners of the first-ever mediaShepherd Social Media Awards (mSSm Awards). Read More

Seen and Herd

Inside Bloomberg Media’s digital video business Half a year has elapsed since Bloomberg Media CEO Justin Smith called digital video “a Read More

Google Loves Print, This We Know, For Its Guidelines Tell Us So

A leaked internal document reveals Google's predilection for the web sites of print-media publishers.

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Mobile innovation: Using the iTunes Newsstand to promote digital subscriptions

There has been a quiet suggestion in recent weeks that the iTunes Newsstand is Read More

The 10% digital-to-print rule: what is success in digital publishing?

There is an ongoing debate concerning what exactly a digital-only publisher should expect in Read More

Christian Science Monitor plans Passcode, a cybersecurity vertical

Coming soon (-ish, by January of next year at the latest) The Christian Science Read More

Should publishers take down controversial posts? To unpublish — or not to unpublish. That’s the question for publishers that really step Read More

Google’s Newsstand move may lead to more aggregated content apps

The lack of progress in improving the Newsstand, combined with the news of the Read More

Bloomberg Politics kicks off

Bloomberg’s new politics vertical kicked off on Sunday with a splashy new website and Read More

Where’s the hope for magazines? Mobile

During August, mobile magazine sites received 234 million unique views, according to the first Read More

You Won’t Finish This Article

I'm going to keep this brief, because you're not going to stick around for Read More


Learning to Live Without Source Interlink: ‘This is Not Another Anderson News’ Editor’s note:  Since this report was filed, additional chains have been reported to be in the midst of transition: Giant Eagle, Target, Safeway and Giant; also the first round of Walmarts have reportedly begun transitioning. This will continue to change as more efforts are made to adapt to the situation. The publishing industry is not a... Read more » Read More

5 Ways to Move Beyond SEO to Develop Online Brand Recognition When I was first getting involved in search engine optimization (SEO) a number of years ago, the accepted wisdom of the SEO community was this: Branding is not a problem, or an issue, or a goal in the brave new world of online audience development. Why spend millions of dollars to develop a Nike-style “swoosh”... Read more » Read More

A Simple-But-Effective Formula for a Successful Content Business “I’ve been thinking lately about the intersection of social and community, content and audience, platform and commerce,” said Noelle Skodzinski, founder of mediaShepherd. Read More



Google releases hundreds of free icons

If you publish on the web (and who doesn't?) it's always nice to find a source for guilt-free graphics.

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Achtung, Baby: Apple’s U2 ‘Gift’ is a Cautionary Tale You'd think there'd be nothing more important to the few media behemoths who dominate our digital lives than maintaining the illusion that we are in complete control of "our" content. Read More


Beyond Data and Marketing Automation: The Secret Sauce – by Paul Miller, CEO, UBM Tech Over the past few months I have been meeting with a variety of marketing-automation vendors who are keen to “partner” with our company to provide technology solutions to help clients target the audiences of our media brands. In almost every case, the technology solutions promise to save manual labor and promise to add more precision... Read more » Read More

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